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L&E's Mini-Strip™

L&E 6' 3 circuit Mini-Strip™

L&E's Mini-Strip™ has been referred to as the Rolls Royce™ of MR-16 striplights. You can use the UL edition of our popular Mini-Strip™ to do more than you did with the original. Now you can use them in even tighter spaces than before - they have the smallest cross section available in a MR-16 strip. You'll also find them more convenient to use with front mounted indicator lights, double color frame holders, large hinged access doors, and lampholders mounted with top-access screws.

Product Features

  • 6'3" long, weighs in at 45 pounds
  • 3 circuits with female stage pin pass throughs
  • 10 25W MR-16 lamps per circuit, for a total of 750W
  • Rents complete with 4-11/16" x 3-5/16" color frames. 15 total
  • Rents complete with floor trunions or hanging irons and C-Clamps for pipe mount
  • Dual color frame slots