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Chroma-Q's Color Force Compact

Chroma-Q Color Force Compact

The Chroma-Q™ Color Force Compact is a powerful creative lighting tool that works in perfect harmony with the popular Color Force™ range. The Compact is a cost-effective workhorse, ideal for a wide range of applications. Utilising core LED technology from the Color Force range, the fixture provides 1700 lumens in a cost-effective, slim, compact profile, while maintaining colour compatibility with the rest of the range.

Product Features

  • Compact yet powerful - 1700 lumens from a very small footprint.
  • IP65 rated.
  • Multi-purpose-workhorse fixture - suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Deep cold blues, red hot lava and super-soft pastels - from a single fixture.
  • High CRI of 92 - true colour balance across the spectrum.
  • Custom optics - ensure a smooth even beam.
  • Theatrical grade dimming - suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Accepts City Theatrical accessories - use with your existing accessories.

Chroma-Q's Color Force PSU-15

Chroma-Q Color Force PSU-15

The Color Force Compact PSU15 is a 15-way Power Supply unit that supplies power and data for a maximum total of 15 Color Force Compact fixtures. The Color Force Compact power supply unit features 3 XLR4 outputs and each output with a maximum capacity of 5 fixtures daisy-chained together.

Product Features

  • Controls up to 15 Color Force Compact fixtures.
  • 18 control modes.
  • 3 grouping modes.
  • 23 pre-programmed looks.
  • Stores up to 31 user programmed looks.
  • Can be mounted in a standard 19" rack or hung from a truss.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Wireless control between units as receiver and transmitter.