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NSI DMX 16 Demultiplexer

NSI DMX 16 Demultiplexer

NSI developed a microphone cord multiplex system called Microplex, which is utilized by most NSI control consoles to make set-up and connection easy and convenient. The purpose of the DMX 16 Demultiplexer is to provide a means of interfacing Micro-plex to most non-multiplexed dimmer systems and effects offered by other manufacturers. Instead of many separate wires, cables, and special connectors needed to connect lighting control consoles to dimmer packs, NSI Microplex uses a single, standard 3-pin microphone cord to carry up to 128 control channels and also provide power to the control console.

Sixteen of the possible 128 control channels are decoded and converted to DC voltage outputs by the DMX 16. These outputs are made available through the use of screw terminals on the back panel of the DMX 16. Since dimmer control connectors vary widely, the use of screw terminals allows connection to a wide variety of dimmer systems. The DMX 16 also provides the electrical power needed by the control console.

Product Features

  • NEMA 5-15 "edison" IEC cable for power input
  • Microplex input and through
  • Controls 16 channels of analog dimming via screw terminals on back
  • Provides phantom power for console