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Wybron 7.5-inch CXI™IT

Wybron 7.5-inch CXI™ IT

The 7.5-inch CXI™ IT dual-gelstring scrolling color changer offers custom color mixing with two overlapping gelstrings. With 42 frames of magenta, cyan, and yellow gel in varying intensities, the CXI™ IT lets you blend and create the perfect color for your production. The CXI™ IT also features two frames of a custom gel color chosen by you.

Our IT generation of CXI™ dual scrollers comes packed with a wealth of improvements and new features.

The CXI™ IT’s aluminum case features rounded corners for easier handling. A non-reflective matte finish powder coat keeps the color changer cleaner. To make this dual scrolling color changer weather resistant, the front and rear apertures are protected with double gasketed, heat resistant glass. Additionally, the cooling air is filtered on the intake, and has a maze type exhaust port. The circuit board is conformal coated to make it very resistant to moisture.

The unit’s all-aluminum rollers are coated for long life and run on bushings rather than ball bearings for quieter operation. The drive belt has a special profile for movement that’s quieter than the old-fashioned timing belts. The fan’s speed can be adjusted, and improvements in its aerodynamics have made this fan the quietest one we’ve found. Bottom line, the CXI™ IT is the quietest color-mixing color changer we’ve ever made.

The control electronics have also been extensively upgraded. We have moved away from block mode addressing, and now each CXI™ IT can have any address in the DMX universe. Also, the address is now set electronically, so the unit can be set up remotely – a big time-saver when changes need to be made quickly.

We’ve also added lots of sensors to help you keep a watchful eye on the status of the CXI™ IT. Ambient temperature, gel temperature, voltage, and current at each unit can be measured and sent to your computer using the industry-standard feedback protocol Remote Device Management (RDM).

Even the unit’s gelstrings have gone high-tech. Now we attach a special tag to each gelstring, with the tag allowing you to read the custom colors directly from the gelstring along with the date it was ordered and the order number. The tag also keeps track of how often each gel frame has been used and how many times it’s been in front of a light. With this feature, you can save older gelstrings for reuse by monitoring what colors they contain and how often they’ve been used.

The CXI™ IT uses Wybron's PS Power Supplies.

Product Features

  • Model Number: 87200
  • Width: 12.99 inches/330 mm
  • Height: 11.84 inches/301 mm
  • Depth: 4.2 inches/107 mm
  • Weight: 7 lbs/3.2 kg
  • 432 distinct colors by overlapping full gel frames; many more colors available by overlapping partial gel frames
  • Adjustable gelstring speed and fan speed
  • 4-pin XLR connector for power and data
Wybron Infogate

Wybron Infogate™

Infogate™ serves as the heart of Wybron’s Infotrace feedback system, which uses the industry-standard feedback protocol Remote Device Management, or RDM, to gather vital feedback from the equipment on a lighting rig.

The name Infogate refers to two system components: the Infogate gateway (pictured above) and the Infogate software. The gateway box processes incoming DMX/RDM signals from the equipment on a rig, and the Infogate software translates the signals into a graphical user interface that's easy to use and understand.

The software works with the Infogate Gateway™, the Net IT™, and the Net IT PS-600™, but the InfoGate gateway™ won't work without the software (latest version 2.2). Click here to download the software.

Product Features

  • Model Number: 4210
  • Width: 8.05 inches/204 mm
  • Height: 3.71 inches/94 mm
  • Depth: 9.78 inches/248 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs/2.04 kg
  • 5-pin XLR in/out (2 Universes)
  • RJ-45 for PC connection
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Wybron PS-600 Power Supply

Wybron PS-600 Power Supply

Nearly all of Wybron's lighting products use an external power supply. This supply not only provides 24 volts DC, but also a control signal using industry standard DMX/RDM. A cable with power and signal integrated into one jacket makes for quick and easy wiring of the system. All of our devices are designed to be daisy chained so all the fixtures on a pipe or in the same area can be easily wired together, one after another.

Wybron's PS 600 Power Supply™ attaches easily to a truss or can be mounted into a 19-inch rack. For rack mounting, all the connectors including power in are on the back. Power and signal indicator lights are duplicated on the front so when the power supply is rack mounted, it is easy to see the status of each power supply.

Up to 24 small format ColoramIT's or CXI IT's or 64 Forerunners is the capacity of the PS 150. Look at this chart for more information on how many units can be powered by this supply. The eight outputs use 4 pin cables that are especially designed by us and custom made. The power conductors are 14 gauge and the signal is 22 gauge twisted pair, shielded. The input connectors are XLR 5 pin with in and out connectors provided for easy daisy chaining of the DMX/RDM signal.

Product Features

  • Model Number: 20600
  • Width: 7.8 inches/198 mm
  • Height: 4.1 inches/104 mm
  • Length: 14.0 inches/356 mm
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs/3.6 kg