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Leprecon LP-1600 24/48

Leprecon LP-1600 24/48

The simplest board mode is a basic two scene console. Using the crossfader, stage scenes are alternated between the two manual presets. Bump buttons and led indicators make the LP1600 very capable even without accessing the memory features.

The next step is to use the Preset Master features of the board. Setting the Y/Presets switch to the Presets position will convert the lower scene to a bank of independent scenes with 12 pages of memory. This is the memory mode most used for live performance, or any event that requires maximum cue changes with minimum setup time.

For more memory, or running a theatrical type of presentation, the Cue Stack can be used. This provides automatic timed fades, with manual override and link/loop possibilities. Also, cues can be inserted to give “point cues”, increasing the flexibility of the board.

The fourth control section is the Chaser. It is used to build continuously running patterns or sequences. For simplicity of operation, pre-recorded patterns are included, as well as the capability to program custom patterns.

Product Features

  • Configurable as two scene preset or cueing or preset memory
  • Two scene preset mode has 2x24 faders
  • Cue Stack offers 288 programmable cues with crossfader and “GO” button control
  • Four programmed chases and seven programmable chase patterns of up to 20 step
  • Softpatch
  • Blind mode