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ETC's Nomad

ETC Nomad

ETCnomad USB Key

Whether moving between venues or working on a show file in transit between gigs, a programmer is always on the go. The Eos software is always free to download and use on Mac and PC, giving you access to all the latest features wherever you go - including Magic Sheets, effects, and the powerful 3D programming and visualization tools of the Augment3d platform. When offline programming isn’t enough, there’s ETCnomad. This USB software key unlocks your laptop as a full-fledged part of your Eos system – complete with networking and output capability.

Integrate with your Eos system

With the ETCnomad USB key, your Mac or PC becomes a full-fledged part of your lighting system. Use it at a designer’s workstation, as a real-time cue list for stage managers and production staff, or even a primary controller for a small rig. You can even connect USB programming or fader wings as needed for more hands-on control.